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Friday, February 25, 2011

How to save Two and a half Men from Charlie Sheen!

TV writers and producers have no imagination anymore! They got an actor who on a drug binge and all these idiots can think of is shutting down production of this season of Two and a Half Men with only six episodes left! During Sheen much needed rehab what do you do, simple you write him off for a while! You don't even need Sheen help to do it after all at the end of last episode Charlie was taking Rose to Paris to ask her to dump her "Husband" and to marry him. Let me show you how you keep the season going for another six episodes.

Episode 1 Scene 1 A letter from Charlie. Alan get a letter from Charlie. I asked Rose and she accepted to marry me, we did it yesterday turn out her wedding to this Manny Quins was void what a dummy! Letter end with a plot twist. We will take an extended honeymoon in Europe and come back and a few month to sell the House!!!!
Scene 2 Jake get kick out of his mom house. Jake does or say something dumb and go live with Alan for a while.
Scene 3 Herb get kick out of the house by Judith Herb does or say something dumb and go live with Alan and Jake for a while. You see it Two and a Half Men again! One episodes down five to go! 

Episode 2 Subject Bertha does not work for free and Charlie cable bills are not paid so no TV!

Episode 3 Subject Judith and Herb are divorcing that should keep Herb in the house for a few more episodes.

Episode 4 Rose is back but Charlie is not with her! Rose is back says it just for a day to take care of some of her business and get some of her and Charlie stuff for the extended "Honeymoon". Cut scene to Rose basement where we see a guy in a Gimp suit tied down to a chair. Maybe it Charlie maybe it not with the mask who knows!!!

Episode 5 Road trip with Grand Ma

Episode 6 Rose as yet to leave Alan and Bertha find the Gimp still in Rose basement! Turn out the guy in the Gimp suit was the pizza delivery guy! Bertha and Alan are about to call the police when Rose explain that she knows about ALL their dirty little secrets. The pizza guy call her psychotic but she explain that when you are loaded like she is and can make a big check to keep it quiet you are never crazy you are eccentric! Pizza guy says no amount of money would make him quiet she show him the check he reply "You are just a little eccentric after all!" End the Episode and Season with a shot of a Paris basement with you guest it a guy in a Gimp suit!
You see I should write for TV!

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  1. What you suggest would work, I think.

    Somebody else suggests - just putt in Matt LeBlance (Joey from Friends) to take over Charley's role - the viewers would accept it. I think so too - there's a lot of goodwill for him.


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