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Monday, April 21, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on Need a grocery makeover. $560 for 2 people so far this month.

My three rules to save money groceries. 1:Stick to the list One of the simplest trick in the book is one of the most efficient way to cut your spending. "Make a goddamn list and stick to the list." The biggest waste of money always come out of impulse purchase. Stick to the list and you almost eliminate that variable out of the equation. 2:Hunt the sales down and buy in bulk. On a long enough window of time everything goes on sale buy in bulk and you never pay full price. Only a sucker pay full price so read the flyers and hunt the best sales down. You can get flyers online days before the printed version at your door. That help a lot with making the list well in advance. 3:Lost leaders and suckers deals. Most store will have a few lost leaders every week learn to identify them. They also have suckers items you need to watch for. (Price that look like deals and are advertised like deals but are not.) Bonus tip buy an extra freezer. You get your money worth back in no time.

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