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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on [Star Trek] If they can't fire while cloaked because it uses too much power, then how can they warp while cloaked? Warp drive uses WAY more power than weapons.

Record show that until around the V'Ger era even Starfleet ship of the line used auxiliary power for phasers bank. The Klingon did not invent their cloaking technology, they acquired prototype design during their alliance with the Romulan, they had power issues for decades. As a initial design choice having the ability to warp out under cloak is more valuable than to fire while being a sitting duck at impulse. Since firing reveal your position anyway it better to alternate between the cloak and the weapons than the cloak and the warp. Remember that in space warfare, warp is the difference between life and death. You lose warp anywhere outside a inhabited system and you're years away from fresh air, food, water and spare parts. And that under the best of circumstances. You lose warp during a battle and you're dead or captured.

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