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Monday, September 29, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on Doctor Who 8x06: The Caretaker Post-Episode Discussion Thread

You could make a seriously funny scene with that concept. Doctor, "We have only two minutes to build a gizmo that will defuse this meta bomb before it blow." Clara, "How long it will take you to build the Gizmo." Doctor, "Am so sorry, Clara, so sorry, I need at least two days." Clara, "You have a bloody time machine, right over there! Doctor, "Right, I be back in 1 seconds." The Doctor does not make three steps toward the Tardis, that a second Tardis materialize, and a duplicate Doctor get out with the gizmo. Both Doctor's pass each other, one on his way out one on his way in. They nod at each other, and stop. Current Doctor ask, "How long did it take?" Future Doctor says, "Barely two days. I did take a detour, I won't tell you where spoilers, and all." Current Doctor, "Well I got to go blobikity-bye!" Current Tardis dematerialize while future Doctor defuse the meta bomb. Clara ask, "How long, did it really take you?" Future Doctor, now current Doctor says. "20 years. What can I say, I get side tracked a lot, and I keep forgetting." Clara, "Forgetting about THIS!"

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