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Monday, October 13, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on "Yes: 274 No: 12 Motion carried. The UK has voted to recognise Palestine as a state as part of a two state solution."

Probably in WW1. If they had left Germany and France fight it out then you can knock off a shitload of crap that happened later. Germany would have won and won fast. The consequence of that win would have been a lot less worse than the world burning for four years. Not to mention no rise of fascist and communism... No American empire, no Petro dollar, the Ottoman keeping the lid on all those religious freaks in the Middle East. Japan might have had a pissing contest in the Pacific with the US but who knows, maybe with a powerful UK Navy to calm both sides it could have been averted. No Korean war, no Vietnam war at least not the way it turned out. No cold war. No missile gap, no militaristic space race. And the first time somebody use nukes both side got them, and they end up killing 200 millions people in 5 minutes. Oups.

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