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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on Tolkien: Nameless things undeground? What?

> Ungoliant I figure somebody would name Ungoliant. It is not said when Sauron fell under Melkor domination in the cosmology* but it was quite early on. Sauron get mentioned in a few place during the first age most notably in the story of Luthien and Beren. Those things might be related to Ungoliant or related to Melkor first coming to Arda before even the Lamps. We don't know much about the lesser Ainur. Until the last 500 years of the third age only Sauron and Melian walked relatively openly in middle earth. Older than Sauron might not mean older than Melkor not many being are older than Melkor and the rest of the Valar aside from Eru. *The Silmarillion.

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