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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on Bond Producers Say 'Spectre' Screenplay Stolen In Sony Hack

Who care I can write the first draft right here in two minutes max. Intro Action sequence 10 minutes. Title sequence 2 minutes. MI6 scene 1 intro. Moneypenny and Bond banter 1 30 seconds. MI6 scene 1 main. Plot setup Bond and M and third cast TBD 10 minutes. MI6 scene 2. Q and Bond banter. 3 minutes. MI6 scene 2.5 Moneypenny and Bond banter 2 30 seconds. Act 1: Bond goes to exotic destination TBD. Screw the bond girl TBD or and meet the bad guy TBD 15 minutes. Act 2: Middle movie action sequence 10 minutes Twist: Bad guy is not who we expect or his plan is not or it the bond girl... 5 minutes Act 3 ending setup: M and Bond 2 5 minutes. Act 4 Resolution: Final action sequence 30 minutes Epilogue: Moneypenny and Bond banter 3 or Bond and M banter 3 minutes. Credit 5 minutes

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