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Monday, July 14, 2014

Madhi19 Reddit new post madhi19 on After small crash, a long, costly court battle: Nationwide spent more than $3 million to defend a claim over a Jeep it could and should have replaced for $25,000.

The funny part is Nationwide probably still think it was cheap. If they can avoid say 1000 long litigation by sinking 21 million in one 20 years court case they come up on top. The executives don't care it not there lives or livelihood that affected. For them that just spending money from the left pocket to make sure you don't spend more from the right pocket. Total sociopath way of running a business but that what most corporation are turning into. You combine the obligation of maximizing profit with executives who are protected from ever facing any direct legal and civil consequence for their action and this is what you get. Maximize profit by whatever means and who care if we wreck havoc, our lawyers own the courts and our lobbyist own the political elite.

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